[Idea] Happy SNS
Apr 22nd, 2012 by Wegra Lee

Happy SNS


Put a ‘emotion’ as a new category and drive user to use it. So users can share there emotion along with other posting information such as ‘thought’, ‘place’, ‘picture/video’, ‘music’, ..

How to Get Emotion Data

  • Put emotion input UI into posting screen like the below.

Skitch-2012-04-22 11_56_38 +0000

  • Detect special patterns from posted text.
  • Get emoticons from chat messages.

Assumption (Hope?)

  • Facebook/Twitter-scale service enables this feature, it means that hundreds of millions of emotion data are gathered everyday.

How to Use Emotion Data

For General Users

  • Emotional-based timeline
    • Happy moments of my life
  • Emotion change trend
    • day/week/month/year
    • college/first job/second job/..
  • Increase friendship
    • Find happy friends of this week
    • Find friends who need my attention these days.
    • Who has a similar emotion pattern with me?
    • Happy stories around me.
  • Evangelize happiness
    • Subscribe topics which have made people happy.
    • Today’s face of the Earth (happy? sad?)
    • Find happy places around me. (suggestion)

For business, researcher, the public

  • Distribution of emotions
    • Continent/country/city
    • Job/age/sex
  • Correlation between emotion and social relations
    • Number of friends
  • Emotions against big social issue
    • Before and after a big election
    • Find big issues which hugely influenced peoples’ emotions
  • Evangelize happiness
    • Publishes news which have made people happy. (Happy Journal)
    • Publishes news which have made people miserable. (Heal the World)
    • Shows happy regions and why.

Possible applications

Face of Earth Big Emotional Issues in History Friends Emotions Dominant Emotions PositiveVsNegative

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